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  • Neural Network

  • Neural Network with Keras

  • Data Cleaning Neural Network

  • Digit Classification with CNN

  • Object Detection with CNN

  • Image Processing with OpenCV

  • OpenCV Examples

  • YOLO with OpenCV


Object Detection & Classification using CNN

Dr. Path Labs wants to build a system, which can help detect skin cancer in a patient by detecting skin cancer pictures of patients. Your work is to study the data and create an object detection & classification model that can predict the mole type of the image as benign or malignant.

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Face Detection using Open CV

Your work is to study the data and create a face detection model that can detect the face of the person in the image with a bounding box.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who are passionate to learn image Processing with OpenCV

  • Anyone who wants a great hands-on experience in OpenCV


  • None

Computer Vision - Demos and Projects

Price INR 999/-

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

  • 2

    Introduction to Computer Vision

    • Lesson - Introduction

    • Introduction to Computer Vision

    • Computer Vision Applications

  • 3

    Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

    • Lesson-2 Introduction

    • Introduction to CNN

    • Neural Networks

    • Forward Propagation

    • Backward Propagation

  • 4

    Demo-1 - Neural Network

    • DEMO - Neural Network

    • Demo Resources

  • 5

    Demo-2 - Neural Network with Keras

    • DEMO - Neural Network with Keras

    • Demo Resources

  • 6

    Demo-3 - Data Cleaning Neural Network

    • DEMO - Data Cleaning Neural Network

    • Demo Resources

  • 7

    CNN Architecture

    • Lesson - Introduction

    • Kernel

    • Strides

    • Padding

    • Pooling Layer

    • Fully Connected Layer

  • 8

    Demo-4 - Digit Classification with CNN

    • DEMO - Digit Classification with CNN

    • Demo Resources

  • 9

    Demo-5 - Object Detection with CNN

    • DEMO - Object Detection with CNN

    • Demo Resources

  • 10


    • Lesson - Introduction

    • What is OpenCV?

    • Image Processing

    • Video Processing

    • Video Analysis

    • Feature Detection

  • 11

    Demo-6 - Image Processing with OpenCV

    • DEMO - Image Processing with OpenCV

    • Demo Resources

  • 12

    Demo-7 - OpenCV Examples

    • DEMO - OpenCV Examples

    • Demo Resources

  • 13

    Demo-8 - YOLO with OpenCV

    • YOLO with OpenCV

    • Demo Resources

  • 14

    Project-1 - Object Detection & Classification using CNN

  • 15

    Project-2 - Face Detection using OpenCV


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    As soon as you signed-up, you will have full access to the complete self-paced content.

  • How my doubts will be resolved?

    There is a discussion forum attached to each course in your LMS. You can post your questions and our expert(s) will answer the queries.

  • For how long do I have access to the course material?

    The training course content is available to you for lifetime.

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