What will Students Learn in the Course?

  • Learn all the Git operations required for a developer role – Commit file, add file, branch, merge code, resolve merge conflict, clone repository, fork repository, create pull request, approve pull request, and many more operations

  • Learn how to perform Git operations in VSCode (Visual Studio) and IntelliJ IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

  • Learn how to work with GitLab

  • Learn how to work with Bitbucket

Target Audience

  • College Freshers

  • Anyone who is new to developer role

  • Anyone who wants to learn Git, GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket in quick time

  • Anyone who wants to do Git real-world projects

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Working with Git

    • Problem Statement

    • Solution

Git Projects - Project Based Learning

Price INR 199/-

Course Description

Complete hands-on course which will help learners to understand all the nitty-gritty required in any developer role in a unique story telling way covering the business scenarios to help you understand in interesting and engaging way. 

This course contains total 8 projects which cover different aspects of Git,GitLab, GitHub and BitBucket. Also you will learn how to work with Git in a Visual studio code as well as in IntelliJ IDEA.

This course will cover all the necessary hands-on tasks which you may come across in a developer role on a daily basis:

How to Download and Install GIT in your local system How to Initialize GIT for project in your local system How to configure GIT How to Perform various GIT operations How to Create GITHUB account
How to Create PRIVATE GITHUB repository How to PUSH code/files from local to GITHUB repository How to Add users to GITHUB repository How to create pull request How to enforce approval mechanism while merging Pull request
How to approve pull request and merge the code How to remove unwanted files from local repositories How to create and delete branches in GIT How to switch between different branches How to revert changes in GIT
How to use git rebase How to create different branches in GIT How to clone the project from GITHUB repository to local How to use merge tool How to resolve merge conflicts
How to create GITFLOW for your project How to create HOTFIX in your existing repository. 1. How to download and install VSCode locally. How to integrate VSCode with GIT How to commit code/file on remote repositories using VSCode tool. How to download and install IntelliJ IDEA locally
How to integrate VSCode with IntelliJ IDEA How to commit code/file on remote repositories using IntelliJ IDEA. How to create GitLab account How to  work with GitLab remote repositories How to clone GitLab remote repositories into local system

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • This course does NOT need any pre-requisite

  • You Just need to have laptop and an Internet connection. We will hand-hold with step by step details so that you can get started with Git immediately


  • What is Hybrid learning?

    Hybrid learning means getting best of both the self-paced and instructor-led class. In hybrid learning you will go through the self-paced videos on your own and then come to the instructor-led on-line class to get your doubts resolved.

  • What is Project Based Learning?

    Project based learning means you learn through the practical projects instead on going through the long theory without getting to know how to work. This is best way to learn as ultimately you have to work on the real projects.

  • After signing up for the course, after how much time would I get access to the Learning Content?

    As soon as you signed-up, with-in 30 minutes you will have full access to the complete self-paced content.

  • How my doubts will be resolved?

    You can come to weekly on-line class and get your doubts clarified. Also there is a discussion forum Q&A with-in the course where you can post your doubts anytime.

  • For how long do I have access to the course material?

    The training course content is available to you for lifetime.

  • How do I join on-line instructor-led class?

    You will get a form to fill every week for the next week class. If you are interested to join, just say yes and we will send you link to join the on-line instructor-led online class.

  • For how long I can attend doubt-clearing sessions?

    You can attend doubt clearing sessions for 6 months after signing-up the course.

What our students say about us

5 star for this course as it has scenario based examples and their solutions with proper explanation . Course content is very crisp and clear .

- Himani

Good class so far! I like the idea of teaching us Git & GitHub by using a lot of various projects & treating them like real world projects. I’ve never seen these approach used before for Git & GitHub. Very innovative! Thank you for all your time & effort in creating this course!!!

- Peter